AMS (ATT Mining Solutions) was established in 2017, and at the beginning of 2018 our rim engineering centre became an entity on its own, this department focused mainly on the mining industries wheel & tyre requirements. Offering a diverse and superior range of tyres and rims.

AMS now forms part of the ATT Group of companies, with ATT founded in 1987 by Robert Beaumont. In 2019, our partnership with ATT allowed us to expand our footprint and diversify our product and service offerings to include truck and passenger wholesale as well as being able to offer truck tyre re-treading.

Once more in 2020 the ATT umbrella afforded AMS the opportunity to bring onboard a leading industrial tyre company, which had a keen focus and stellar reputation within the industrial, agricultural, and solid tyre industries. This amalgamation of knowledge, experience, equipment and a vast product line-up ensures that AMS is now capable to meet any tyre requirement that our customers might have.